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Cathy Kinzer



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Researcher 


Mathematics Educator at New Mexico State University 


Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Leadership in Mathematics
Second Language Learners 


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Kinzer, C., Bradley, J., & Morandi, P. (accepted for special issue 2013). Utilizing Feedback to Support Course Improvement and Learning. Mathematics Enthusiast Journal.
Kinzer, C., Rincon, M., Gomez, L., Rincon, R., & Ward, J. (accepted for publication) Voices from the Leadership Institute for Teachers (LIFT): Developing and Empowering Teacher Leaders to Improve Mathematics Learning. Teaching Children Mathematics Special Issue: Teacher Leaders.
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Kinzer, C., Virag, L., & Morales, S. (2011). A Reflective Protocol for Mathematics Learning Environments. Teaching Children Mathematics Journal, 17(8) 480-487.
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